My Projects

Starnova Studios

(CEO) A team of people from around the globe producing unique content for people throughout the world to play and enjoy.

Star MC

(Operations Lead & Development) Extremely-Scalable Minecraft Network with Ground-Up Player Services and Infrastructure Management

Slimy MC

(Operations Lead & Development) Minigames Network at Hypixel-Scale | Operations alike.


(Development) Developing content updates and assisting with general server management

Hollow Realms MC

(Advisor & Development) A fully custom ground-up upcoming MMORPG in Minecraft, development and prospect advisor

1N Productions

(Development) Building Events, Gamemodes, and More for Content Creators and Regular Players {Service Team}

MineSea MC

(Development) Focusing on development of plugins for content updates, mainly backend tools and utilities


(Operations, System Administration, and Development) Working on setting up backend systems, game scalability, performance, and development operations

Sunblock MC (Resigned)

(Development) Developed core gamemode plugins and performance utilities, primarily for Gens

Zedar MC (Resigned)

(Development) Assisted with content-update development, mainly for persistent gamemodes

Mineheart MC (Resigned)

(Development) Assisted with gamemode maintenance and general QoL changes

Vultex PvP (Resigned)

(Development) Advised development direction as well as assisted with content updates

Shounen Realms (Resigned)

(Development) Developed core gamemode plugins, content updates, tools and utilies, and more for a majority of their gamemodes

Stealbats MC (Resigned)

(Development) Large Lifesteal & Minigames Server

Cavern MC (Resigned)

(Development) Survival and Lifesteal Pushed to Minecraft's Edge

Leyon MC (Resigned)

(Development & Gamemode Lead) FFA Gamemode Developer | EU-Based Minecraft PvP Network for 1.9+

Unnamed MC (Resigned)

(Development) High Quality Gamemode Setups & Performance

ThatGuyJao (Resigned)

(Development) Plugins for the streamer ThatGuyJao

Slade MC (Resigned)

A chill SMP network for those who wish to play things at a calm pace

Tidal MC (Resigned)

SMP Gamemodes Customized to the Edge

Danger MC (Resigned)

Ground-Up Setups, Revolutionary Customizations

Voxel RP (Resigned)

Ultra-Realisitic City Roleplay Network

SeasonMC (Discont.)

Former Development Manager @ SeasonMC

Hecate MC (Discont.)

Minecraft Network Pushed to the Edge in Customization

Mango MC (Discont.)

Minigames & SMP Network

Meadows MC (Discont.)

Minecraft Social Networking Platform on Steroids

Nexus Hosting (Discont.)

Manager @ Nexus Hosting | Company was Sold Off | Premium and Affordable Hosting

Jos Network (Discont.)

Former Owner and Developer @ Jos Network | Dueling & FFA Server w/ Replays

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